Today, our entity is one of the famous ones in the pharmaceutical business market as we provide Pharmaceutical Ointments, Pharmaceutical Capsules and a host similar medical items of simply high on quality for accomplishing requests of precious customers such as clinics, pharmacies and so much more. We at Olcare, give special focus on quality, cost and reliability. We rightly keep tabs on modern pharmaceutical scenarios as a manufacturer and supplier so as to bring forward medical products that meet needs of our targeted customers.

Our product portfolio contains Silodosin Capsules, Formoterol Fumarate And Budesonide Inhaler, Topical Gel and many more pharmaceutical items. We try level best in bringing products for special requirements, special people, highly special vital organs as well as chronic conditions. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the best helping hand for all clinical segments encompassing Diabetology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Dental, Cardiology, Dermatology as well as General ailments for nearly all age groups & all dosage forms including dry syrup, tablets/capsules a host of others. We strive on covering nearly all therapeutic segments such as Analgesic/Anti-inflammatory, Antibiotics, Nutritional Products and many more.

We also want to be a right support for hundreds of young entrepreneurs so that they can flourish in their operating districts as distributors. Our pharmaceutical entity wants to emerge as the best partner to interested patrons by meeting their demands of Topical Gel, Citicoline Tablets IP and many more similar category goods in shortest duration possible.

What Makes Us Best?

  • We attained our first ISO 9001:2000 in the year 2007 in February perfectly along with Schedule M and after that in the year 2010 in May, we attained ISO 9001:2008. We are proud to have our production unit located at the heart of Gujarat in Wadhwan City. 
  • We focus on coming up with high on quality medicines upon which diligent and qualified doctors wholeheartedly depend and constantly demand from different locations such as from around 27 states of India.
  • We have been an innovative company since establishment that has introduced a lot of latest molecules, combinations and composition in the competitive Indian pharmaceutical formulation market.
  • We have birthed to around 10 segment specific divisions in diversified specialties totaling to nearly around 1000 above existing formulations available in the stock and around 100 in the pipeline.
  • We manufacture pharmaceutical products under tight supervision at our own manufacturing unit

Our Vision

At our pharmaceutical entity, we are much of humane as compared to commercial. We are truly professional but not a core commercial. We are pleased to inform our people that we deeply value commitments, cultures, human relations and others perspectives. We do our best in managing complex tasks in the simple way possible adopting single-action procedures for increasing satisfaction and decreasing time wastage and clients complaints.

We want to expand ourselves in far markets and are totally geared up with the best WHO-Schedule-M as well as ISO standards. We at our company, maintain heavy stock of Citicoline Tablets IP, Topical Gel and many more products for completing demands in the best manner.

We are pleased to have capsule, tablet & dry syrup departments holding huge capacity as depicted beneath on single shift basis:

  • Capsules Dept: 75,000 capsules/ shift
  • Tablets Dept: 5,00,000 tablets/ shift


Our pharmaceutical enterprise has sworn to make pharmaceutical formulations under highly stringent quality control norms, well pursuing quality assurance systems as well as in compliance perfectly with the Good Manufacturing Practices during all stages of production as we believe our main aim is to Save Precious Life of All Human Beings. At our entity, the most important duty of each of the individual is to maintain safe and hygiene environment. The policy of our entity is to meet all commitments with our strong capabilities and continue improving ourselves with education and training.

Accolades & Certifications

WHO-cGMP is extremely utilized by pharmaceutical regulators as well as pharmaceutical industry in around one hundred of countries located worldwide. Current Good Manufacturing practice or cGMP, is a perfect part of a quality system that encompasses manufacturing as well as testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical dosage forms or drugs and pharmaceutical products.

ISO 9001:2008 is basically a certification by international organization for the purpose of standardization. The aforesaid is awarded for perfectly maintaining international standards within business. The mentioned standards are examined strictly as well as routinely by a group of independent experts and are then approved. We are delighted to follow the best standards in the effective manner keeping clients needs in focus.

NSIC D&B Smera ratings rightly awarded to our company, is a comprehensive assessment of the company taking in to view all considerations such as the entire financial as well as non-financial performance of the organization.


The Plant & Laboratories

We have following units at our setup:

  • Analysis
  • Chemical Lab
  • Granulation-Drying
  • Liquid Filling
  • Liquid Packaging
  • Quality Control
  • Stripping
  • Tablet Coating
  • Tableting

Storage of Finished Goods & Dispatch

We are pleasured to have a dual-level storage space spreading around the area of 25,000 Sq. Ft. In the fully air conditioned space, we rightly store all our formulations. Each section is allotted to every division. Tablets, Liquids & Injectables are perfectly classified according to the segments & space needs. A dedicated staff monitors every storage activity.

Research & Development

From the start, our entity has always worked in the best way possible for expanding product portfolio and increasing quality of existing product list. At Olcare, we have management owning qualities such as innovation, professional excellence, knowledge, courage, foresight and in-house high-tech technology for making many decades to come have a brighter side. Our right innovation and foresight have assisted us to come forward as one of the fastest developing and growing pharmaceutical entities in India.

The development of almost every dosage form of drugs is highly specific as well as unique of its kind and requires special design:

  • Granules: in Sachets as well as Dry syrup.
  • Liquid: Suspension, syrup, pleasant tasting Aqueous liquid composition of the highly bitter in tasting drugs.
  • Ointment: Soluble ointment, creams, greasy, tooth gels and lotions.
  • Tablets: We are pleased to announce of having developed and marketed perfectly multilayered, uncoated, film coated, dry coated, delayed release or enteric coated, soluble, extended release, dispersible, mouth dispersible tablets, melt-in-mouth tablets & tablets-in-tablets.

We possess in-house resources and high expertise to best develop in-house dosage formulations. Before coming up with new products, we focus on conducting in-depth survey drug excipient compatibility studies pre formulation and after that analytical development, formation development, packaging development as well as stability studies validation documentation such as M.F.R & B.M.R. 

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